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Swimming Pool Products

Swimming Pool Products

Swimming Pool Products

Public pools and recreational water bodies are a major habitat for germs to thrive and grow. The truth is that our skin (no matter how clean you think you are) is not only sweaty, but it also contains bacteria, and even trace amounts of fecal matter.

It is the pool operator’s job to maintain a clean pool and there are very specific guidelines for chlorine and pH levels. You can bet that your public pool is being disinfected with chlorine, but sometimes the chlorine by-products themselves can cause irritations to the eyes and poor air quality, especially in indoor pools.

Disinfectants - TCCA 90

Trichloroisocyanuric acid is the organic compound and is used as an industrial disinfectant for swimming pool water treatment. This is a very good chlorine stabilizer for the disinfection of Swimming pool water.

Benefits of using TCCA over other Chlorine Products:
1. Available with 90% chlorine concentration
2. Reduces chlorine loss during day time due to the availability of Cyanuric acid, which acts as a stabilizer or conditioner. TCCA is stable and it does not strip like all other halogen compounds.
3. Dissolves slowly in water, allowing for continuously metered dosing of available chlorine.
4. TCCA is very economical to use in swimming pools as an alternate to chlorine gas, bleaching powder or Hypochlorite liquid.
5. The chlorine stability in pools and Spa is very high compared to other chlorine chemicals.
6. During application, handling of TCCA powder is much easier than liquid or gas.
TCCA usage in pools:
1. Indoor pools: 1 - 1.5 grams/kilo litre/day (winter)
2. Indoor pools: 1.5 - 2 grams/kilo liter/day (summer)
3. Outdoor pools: 1.5 - 2 grams/kilo litre/day

TCCA is sourced from International manufacturers and is then repackaged into easy-to-use packs by Spark Klean Private Limited, for the Indian market. The product is 100% adulteration free and can be used in any type of recreational water body without harm to the swimmers.

Clarity Enhancer & Enzyme Water Cleaner

Swimming Pool Products :: Clarity Enhancer

Every swimmer leaves large traces of organics in the pool after a swim. Sun tan lotions, moisturizers, human tissue, oils and many other such matter create a great deal of issue in pool maintenance, especially in filter cleaning. This eco friendly product will protect your filters by biooxidaton of organic contaminates before it reaches the filter.

Benefits of using CV-600
1. Improves clarity of water & controls scum on the tile lines
2. Reduces back wash cycles of the filters
3. Digests Oils & Organics
4. Made of food grade natural ingredients
5. Increases chemical efficiency
6. Certified for safe use in swimming pools as per NSF 50 & drinking water as per NSF 60

Algae Control & Phosphate Remover

Swimming Pool Products :: Algae Control

All pool keepers attempt to remove algae from their pools, but the actual problem is caused by Phosphates. Algae thrive and grow around Phosphates and also release them when they are killed by chemicals. This product sediments all phosphates so that algae can never get formed.

Scale & Heavy Metal Control

Swimming Pool Products :: Scale Control

Scaling is a major issue faced in all water bodies due to presence of salts, heavy metals & calcium compounds. SC-1000 sediments such compounds to eliminate scaling.

Winner of EPA Presidential green chemistry Award

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